About Us

Welcome to Samarth Coaching Classes page. Cracking any top level competitive examinations is all about your perseverance quotient, endurance, learning ability, managing time and stress and zeal to model the path of success drawn by the connoisseur. To ensure your success in any competitive examinations, we have designed our coaching programme in a scientific and systematic manner that develops both your knowledge and your problem solving acumen.

Samartha Kota is one of the best and experienced teaching brains in the field of XII Boards and IIT Entrance Examinations. Samartha Kota is one of the most Prestigious and Successful Coaching Institute. It is known for quality education, Dedication and devotion to the success of IIT Entrance today Samartha Kota stands on a distinguished platform, as on academic Institute, well ahead of the rest teaching methodology, relevant Study material & Test Series that it has developed and implemented over the years.

We started our mission of Samartha KOTA in Akola with the core objective to provide Kota’s success formula and quality educational services to the students of Akola region. With successful completion of 5 years, Samartha Kota has acquired the trust of hundreds of students of the region who have faith in Kota’s result oriented teaching methodology. Samartha Kota has designed coaching programs in a scientific manner that develops educational acumen, problem solving skills and examination temperament of students.

We care for individual as for us every student is important. Ours have state of the art infrastructure and facilities offered student friendly and encouraging environment which is supported by best faculty members and the world renowned “Kota Coaching System” so that each student can realize his/her full potential. We strive to work on the same path of genuineness with the support and best wishes of our part and current students and their parents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve humanity through excellence in education. Imparting quality education, Honesty towards parent’s student, parent, society and nation.

Scientific & Systematic Training Methodology

Samartha Kota has scientific and highly systematic, result-oriented teaching Methodology which raises the academic levels of the students to ensure success. We have dedicated team of experienced faculty members, complete study material, one to one interaction with each students and motivating stress free learning environment.