From the Director

It is easy to work only as a director of the institution, but after sitting on this chair sometimes I have to behave as a father sometimes as director and most of the times as a professor.

When parents/guardians come to me with their child, they have different dreams in their mind. Some wants to become a doctor, some wants to become an engineer & some of them have confusion in their mind, what they have to do in their life and with this confusion, they want to talk to me. I also feel pleased to talk with them & clear their confusinon and then I have to explain them that now instead of PMT, we have to appear for NEET as entrance exam for Medical profession, while preparing for NEET one should have knowledge of NCERT basic syllabus & the professors who are availablein our institution only. Parents who have craze to teach theri children in cities like Kota Rajasthan and Delhi the I reveal or disclose them that this type of education facility is avaliable with us since last 10 years. Then I feel pleased to see the satisfaction on their faces.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Science I, Science II, NTSE, NSO to solve problems related to these subjects, we provide facilities like E-mail, Whatsapp & Free counselling on Friday & Saturday & Remedial Classe are being conducted regularly and the response to all these facilities from the students gives me great satisfaction that I can contribute knowlwdge to the needy students.

It was the desire of parents only that we should establish our own school and science college, so we started our CBSE School, Science College as well as B.Sc Nursing College & now vey soon Ayurvedic Medical will also get added in our list.

Now, I have completed 19 years in the field of education. As I look back, I get surprised! All this is possible may be because of my honesty. May be because of our positivity and togetherness. Our group of professors were interested to teach and bring the overall development in the students of Novodaya Vidyalaya, Akola and this was only possible because of the request of District Collector, Akola.

Now also, I teach with the same interest and loyalty, it is only because of the strength given to me by my students that I am able to teach for 6 to 8 hours and this strength will make me to continue the same in future too.

A thought that, should we have our own Hostel? Mind does not accept this as it shows commercialization, which is not accepted by our soul even. Instead of that we make a call to reputed hostel and those eople accept the guardianship of our students and support us. And the truth is that, these satisfied faces of the parents gives me different strength. this is the only strength which develops me and my students.

Our Features

  1. Best faculties
  2. Up-to-date Library
  3. Excellent Results
  4. Bathe Sir's Best Classes in Akola

Our Classroom Courses

Complete NEET
XI, XII, PET, JEE (Main+Advance)
Capsule Batch
XI, XII, PET, JEE (Main+Advance)
Capsule Batch
IIT-Foundation Batch
VIII, IX, X Std. Students

Our Classroom Courses

9 Selections
37 Selections
Medical & Engineering
9600 + Selections
Maths (Above 96)
2250 + Students

Samartha's Scholarship

50% Scholarship will be given to the first 50 students of 10th standard who will get 96% and above(VJ/NT/SC/ST/PH) for 2 years courses.