Experienced and Best Faculty Team

Faculty members at Samartha Kota are highly motivated, well qualified and true teachers having keen interest in the field of imparting knowledge. All faculty members are highly inclined towards teamwork generating the most comprehensive approach for best results in all the subjects.

We have a team of full time highly experienced faculty members. Most of them are IITians, NITians and Doctors from reputed universities/colleges of the coutry.

Teaching Methodology

  • Interactive Theory Classes
  • Doubt Removal Classes
  • Problem Solving Counters
  • Subject-wise Theory Sheets
  • Daily Practice Problem Sheets
  • Exercise Sheets
  • Periodic Test Series & Feed back
  • A Well Researched & Tested Evaluation & Assessment System

Classroom Session/Programme

Shaping the future of success requires more than classroom session. At Samartha Kota students-teacher interaction are not only restricted only in classrooms but also in practical and Doubt Solving Desk Sessions make the fullest we of the valuable time devoted by the student.

Every class ends with assignment and daily practice problems for better practice of the concepts thought in the classroom. Regular submission and evaluation of assignments allows the students to assess his/her performance on a continuous basis.

Relevant Study Material

To complement interactive learning in the classroom students are provided with well researched printed study material containing:-

  • Comprehensive theory lessons
  • Numerical Questions
  • Solved Illustrations
  • Complete Study Material
  • Spotlights and building concepts
  • Highlighting the important concepts
  • Clearing misconceptions of students.

Overall Benefits of Studying With Us

  • Effective Courses
  • A dedicated team of renowned faculty Members/Experienced
  • Stable and best faculty team
  • Ultimate personal eare
  • Result oriented teaching methodology
  • Exclusive and comprehensive Study/Material
  • A well researched and tested Evaluation/Assessment System
  • Success Record and Reputation
  • Intellectual and Concern Management
  • HI-tech communication system
  • Excellent infrastructure with all facilities
  • Unique library system